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Yogic Numerology Readings

Yogic Numerology Readings with Ram Das Latulippe, certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga & director of Adi Shakti studio 



Your Private 60 minute Appointment outlines each of these areas and how you can move forward when any of these are blocked.




Call or email to book: 613 824-9189



You will be given a specific Kundalini Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Set (Kriya) chosen for your areas of challenge and how to do them at home to achieve results. For best results, it is important that the participant be a regular Kundalini Yoga student/practicioner, or that they have had at least 3 recent Kundalini Yoga classes.





1 hour  Private Numerology appointment: $108 + hst


 What will you learn with a  private Numerology Reading?




  ·       Karma Number:  your areas of conflict or disharmony & how to resolve them




 ·       Soul Number:  your link to your soul; the creative flowing part of you – is it blocked?




 ·       Path Number: how to fulfill your life’s mission with greater clarity




 ·      Gift Number: your God-given natural talents/assets… are you using them?




  ·      Destiny Number: what you have mastered over many lifetimes

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