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Yogic Super Bath Recipe

Yogic Super Bath by Yogi Bhajan


Everyday we pick up other people’s energy, and the residual energies which just hang in the air in various locations we frequent. Use this bath especially to wash off the effects of having been around bad energy, or living/working in a location that gives you a bad feeling, a sense of dread, sadness or heaviness. Plus from a strictly body cleansing perspective, this bath will leave you feeling squeaky clean, your skin rid of germs and potential parasites (yup, I know… gross!!).


When you feel you have been affected by some bad energy for a while, such as an unpleasant workplace, take this bath 1x per week for a month or two, and then less frequently, such as monthly.


Very simple:

1 Cup Epsom Salt

1 Cup Baking Soda

500 mL (16 oz) Hydrogen Peroxide


Run a nice warm bath, add in the 3 ingredients, put on some relaxing yogic music, grab a book and a bath pillow, and just relax for 20-30 min. I like to stay in the tub at least until I begin sweating (toxin release). Have a tall cool thermos of water next to you. Enjoy, unwind. Then go to bed and sleep like a baby… aaahhh….

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