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Cool Mint Mist

During those blistering summer heat waves, I like to have an easy-to-make Cool Mint Mist with me to cool things down.  It is small enough to carry with you in your purse, briefcase or beach bag. Take this out on a hot day, I guarantee you will instantly make new friends. The Peppermint will cool you down and is antiseptic. The lavender will soothe your exhaustion and is a potent antibacterial. Make sure you use really good quality essential oils.

What you need to make a Cool Mint Mist:

  • Small travel-size spray bottle
  • Rosewater or plain filtered water
  • Essential oil of Peppermint
  • Essential oil of Lavender

Fill the bottle nearly to the top with the rosewater or plain water. Add about 5 drops of Peppermint & 1 drop of Lavender (more or less is up to you). Shake & spritz. Mist your face (but close your eyes!), back of neck, down your shirt, crook of elbows, backs of knees & soles of feet. You will have Divine Soles. And then audibly sigh.... aaaahhh....

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