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Sacred Sound Ceremony for Winter Solstice with Mark Daniel & Debbie Danbrook Musical Meditation with Japanese Shakuhachi Flute: Sunday Dec. 17 (6-8 pm)

Mark Daniel Sacred Sounds & Debbie Danbrook Musical Meditation with Japanese Shakuhachi Flute Sunday December 17 (6-8 pm) 

Join sacred sound artists Mark Daniel & Award-winning master of the Japanese Shakuhachi Flute, Debbie (Debrina) Danbrook (the first woman to have mastered this instrument).

The Ceremony begins with a call to meditation and the bowls played by Mark... Then throughout the Ceremony, Debbie will be joining in by walking through the room with the Shakuhachi flute, Native Flute, chimes, Faery Stick, and toning with
her angelic voice. Then we will close the space with "Breathe in Love, Breathe out Life" by Debrina, and an anointing oil (for those who choose to partake). The whole event takes approx. 2 hrs. Guests are invited to sit up or lie down. 

Mark, sound shaman, will lull us into deep healing relaxation with his family of crystal & Tibetan bowls, chimes & gongs. Debbie will transport you on an enchanting journey to another time & dimension with the ethereal sounds of her ancient flute. These 2 sound artisans combined will spiral you into the ethers. Prepare to float above all your worries the rest of the week!!

Learn more about Debbie:

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NOTE: this PAYPAL CONFIGURATION ALLOWS ONLY 1 (ONE) TICKET PURCHASE AT A TIME. But you may go back in and purchase as many times as you like. Space is very limited.

Workshop Title Workshop Cost (in CND)
Debbie Danbrook & Mark Daniel Sacred Sounds (Early Bird by Dec. 9) $45.00
Debbie Danbrook & Mark Daniel Sacred Sounds (Reg. Rate after Dec. 9) $50.00

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