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Kundalini Yoga 13th Annual Summer Retreat: August 3-6, 2018

Kundalini Yoga 13th Annual Summer Retreat: August 3-6, 2018

From Friday August, 3 2018 (arriving in Arnprior @ 10 am)  until Monday August 6, 2018 (leaving Arnprior @ 12 noon)... STAY TUNED FOR UPCOMING DETAILS

In 2018, we will be embarking upon our 13th Annual Kundalini Yoga Summer Retreat

Experience how just 72 hours can vastly transform how you feel about yourself and your life! Our annual retreat has attracted participants from across Canada, the United States, Singapore,Taiwan and the Netherlands! This year our retreat is open to men & women.
The Adi Shakti Yoga Centre is the first yoga studio in Central and Eastern Canada to follow faithfully in our teacher Yogi Bhajan's footsteps by offering a Kundalini Yoga retreat every summer since 2006.  Enjoy the nurturing, deeply healing & inspiring company of wonderful people for 4 days and 3 nights in a beautiful meditation-inspiring riverside retreat in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada.

This year's retreat theme is: be announced.... We will feature: several teachers and daily Kundalini Yoga workshops (indoors and outdoors), daily pre-dawn yoga (i.e. the traditional Sadhana practice), 9 wholesome & mouth-watering vegetarian buffet-style meals, Yogi Tea (chai) and healthy snacks, dining al fresco on a charming screened-in patio with view of the river & majestic pine trees, access to indoor lounges, large well-lit yoga room, private beach for swimming, a quiet meditative property surrounded by gardens, statuary and walking paths in old growth forest of great oaks, and a Chartres-style 11 circuit outdoor labyrinth. Free use of on-site equipment for tennis, horseshoes, badminton, volleyball. Free WiFi on-site.

Single Occupancy Room  includes one twin bed. Each room has its own sink, and simple, comfortable accomodations (closet, dresser, desk, fan). Towels, soap, pillows and all bedding are provided. Showers and bathrooms are shared facilities just steps from your private room.

All-inclusive Weekend Rates : 

  • Best Rate paid in full by May 31: $... (incl. tax) .....Save $... 
  • Great Rate paid in full by July 15: $.... (incl. tax) .....Save $....
  • Full Rate paid in full after July 15: $.... (incl. tax)

 (includes all taxes, all 9 meals, snacks, 3 nights accomodations & all events, sadhanas & workshops) 

International students welcome.

How to Register: Contact us to express your interest. Payments may be made by cheque or Interac E-payment. 

This retreat will feature meditations & yoga sets which offer more depth than regular studio yoga classes. The weekend will involve daily mantras & chanting as well as pre-dawn yoga under the great Royal Oak tree (Sadhana with morning chants), Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Meditation, an inspirational Yogi Bhajan video class, ...and more to come... Welcome wholeness and an open heart!!
Please Note:
This is a non-smoking, coffee-free, alcohol-free & (ultra-delicious!) vegetarian event for participants 18 and over. This retreat does not provide facilities for children (this is your time to nurture you!). Please arrange your schedule to be present for the entire weekend (late arrivals, trips off-site & early departures are strongly discouraged as they disrupt the powerful and healing group energy we create together).

Women's Yoga Retreat, July 2012: dear Ram Das..... it was indeed my pleasure to part of the yoga retreat this year .. you provide so much guidance and spiritual uplifting that it is very hard to even thank you for the wonderful 4 days... i appreciate all the planning and hard work that you put into this time and i also appreciate Magda's efforts so much also .. you both teach by example ........... not to worry the chants they are in on our brains for a long time to come and we have left with renewed energy and lots of light in our light houses.. i continue to welcome kundilini in my life .....and my body and spirit thanks you so much for providing a lovely space and guidance as move forward... ( my doctor gave me a clean bill of health this past Tuesday so i feel i am on the right path to continued good heal with this kind of yoga in my life ) love dulce

- Dulce

The Galilee Centre is a wonderful place to spend a week end with nature and spiritual life. I loved all the stories about... Yogi Bhajan and as always your wonderful tips on body and soul nourishment. Navjit, Nam Simran Magda, Siri Bhandu and Sonia Ji made a wonderful team and brought their ideas and expertise to the camp. Thank you for your love, kindness, time and thought you spent creating a powerful Women’s Retreat.

- L. G.

2011: All of it was wonderful. The love and support of all the women. Each teacher was gifted and excellent: Nia dance, Mendhi, Malas, all Japji, all kriyas, relationship workshop - it was all timely and appropriate. The venue was fantastic. I appreciated the Baba Siri Chand mantras; the importance of maintaining Sadhana, staying connected with the divine. Satisfied beyond satisfaction. This was an extremely uplifting and healing retreat. I feel transformed. I know that I have been. The wonderful energy of the mantras and kriyas will continue to support me for a long time. Thank you Ram Das for your dedication and love.

- V. Sevadar Kaur

2011:(I most enjoyed...) Mornings - 5-7 a.m. was wonderful to chant, meditate and practice, especially outside. Also LOVED the variety of sessions. (I appreciated...) the importance of morning practice - it really helped me feel ready for the day ahead. 100% satisfied! Galilee Centre is a jewel! Thank you for a lovely, insightful and restful experience.

- Dale S.-C.

2011: (I enjoyed most...) the 4 teachers! All of you represent the 4 directions of the medicine wheel. So your synchronicity just powered the group... I love you all! I really enjoyed the pace, the rhythm. Charity, grace & play!! Awesome! Love the playtime: malas, mendhi, dancing, etc. I get in touch with my creative part and discover new me's!!

- Sharon S.

2011:(I most enjoyed...) the meditations & yoga practice. 10 out of 10! Thank you so much! I sooo loved this weekend and am sooo grateful!

- Donna H.

2011: It was all wonderful. It was so beautiful to be with such an incredible group of women. Very, very satisfied!! Thank you so much Ram Das for nurturing us so well. What a service you provide for woman. Sat Nam.

- Mary K.

2011: All of it was a 10! This weekend was nicely paced. I am so blessed to be part of this group. On a scale of 1-10...100! Thanks so much Ram Das - you are a true inspiration as were all the teachers at this retreat. (I enjoyed...) the caring, the respect, the flow, the openness, the budding relationships, the female energy... Nurturing on all levels: physical, emotional & spiritual. Inspiring & nourishing! (I enjoyed...) the love & positive attitude.

- Various Participants

2011: (I enjoyed)...Everything! Seriously, everything! Overwhelmed! It is the best experience of my life!

- Carole P.

Wonderful relationship-building."

Things participants loved about our 2009 Women's Yoga Camp:
"...the food, the location, the timing, the laughter, perfect number of people and range of ages."
"...meeting new people and bonding closely together."
"...morning Sadhana with the rising of the sun!"
"Getting to know wonderful women with powerful souls!"
"...classes that helped challenge myself, alone time to reflect and clarify my vision/intuition, collective vibration from being with other women. I am so grateful for this opportunity!"
"...creative yoga with crafts!

- Various participants

Le camp de femmes organisé par Ram Das Kaur/Lise Latulippe est un événement de yoga unique sur la côte est du Canada. Y ayant participé à 2 reprises, je peux témoigner de la très haute qualité de cette fin de semaine. L'immersion dans un groupe de yoginis hautement motivées est l'occasion d'apprendre, d'échanger, d'avoir du plaisir, de créer de nouveaux liens et de s'encourager à continuer sur notre chemin d'approfondissement de notre nature profonde. Les ateliers y sont enrichissants, la nourriture végétarienne délicieuse, l'environnement exceptionnel... sans oublier l'organisation de Lise Ram Das K qui mérite un A+. Merci et bravo pour cette initiative!

- Sophie Terrasse Shabd Simran Kaur

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