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Divine Sex Workshop

Divine Sex Workshop

Divine Sex Workshop: What Every Yogini Should Know! A workshop for women's sexuality based on the teachings & ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga as originally taught by Yogi Bhajan
Taught by Ram Das Latulippe

Stay tuned for the next date this workshop will be offered!.

Learn about: The 14 Types of Sex (from the Kundalini yoga perspective); Sexy Foods for women (& men!); Yogic Potency Postures for women; Yogic Breath Rhythms for increased Sexual Pleasure; Meditation for opening the Heart; Kundalini Yoga Venus Kriyas (special meditations just for couples). Come prepared to move, to meditate, to learn & to have fun!

For women of all ages and life cycles, 18 years and up. Includes tea, mango lassi & a deliciously tasty Sexy Snacks Picnic. Includes take-home info booklet. Not recommended for pregnant women. Please dress for doing yoga. Previous experience in yoga is not necessary. You need not be in a relationship to benefit from this workshop.


Instructor: Lise Ram Das Latulippe, certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

...Stay tuned for the next time we offer this fun & informative workshop...

 Testimonials: I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the instructor's easy nature. It was great! I will be reading more and eating differently!   Janet T., participant Feb. 2011

The entire workshop was well-organized: talk, exercise, questions, food. I will do a meditation (Venus Kriya) with my partner!    Silvija, English teacher, participant Feb. 2011

I appreciated a different more spiritual understanding of sex away from the shallow orgasm-oriented North America.    K.B., participant Feb. 2011

It will be fun to share this with my husband!   Participant, Feb. 2011


Testimonials from previous classes of Divine Sex
-Incredibly interesting! Loved the Venus Kriyas!
- I absolutely loved this workshop!
- Toute la cadence, séquence des exercices étaient bien orchestrées. J'ai bien apprié cet atelier!
- J'ai bien aimé la simplicité, la chaleur de l'endroit, et l'échange entre femmes.
- I enjoyed all of it: info-tips, meditations, food, etc.
- I appreciated the educational pieces, the meditations (solo & with partner), the food, the sharing
- Loved the variety of discussion, information, exercises, handouts.
- I felt that I learned a lot in a very fun, relaxed way - thank you!
- I enjoyed the whole workshop - don't change a thing!
- I liked the combination of verbal presentation plus the many physical exercises and meditations.
- Enjoyed the light-heartedness & loved the handouts.
- Loved the Foods for Women & the Heart-Opening meditation
- I enjoyed the food & the openness of all participants
- I found it refreshing! Nice to know people are concerned about the Eastern view of sex!
- Un gros merci!!
- I did not know there werer 14 types of sex!
- I enjoyed the whole workshop!
- Enjoyed learning how meditation for couples can heighten your relationship.
- I learned that it's important to take time to explore, and set aside time for great sex!
- This was confirmation that I am in touch with my spiritual sexuality.
- I learned that sex is indeed sacred!
- Learning to see the divine in my partner!

- Students of previous Divine Sex workshop

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