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Reiki Treatments with Ram Das Kaur (Lise)

Reiki Treatments with Ram Das Kaur (Lise)

Personal Reiki (hands-on healing & energy transfer) sessions with Ram Das Kaur (Lise). Includes Chakra Balancing. Recipients remain clothed, rest on a massage table enjoying beautiful music and a pleasant nap while absorbing the deep Reiki heat emanating from the hands of the trained practicioner. Trained in the Usui Method of Reiki in 1994, over the years Ram Das Kaur has given approximately one thousand Reiki treatments and has trained dozens of students in the Reiki healing arts. For seven years she worked as a Reiki therapist at the Aids Committee of Ottawa, offering treatments to clients living with HIV and AIDS. Reiki works on mind, body & spirit and can help to lessen physical pain, enhance natural healing & cellular regeneration, increase quality of life and release old patterns of behaviour. Each person's experience of a Reiki treatment is unique.

Workshop Title Workshop Cost (in CND)
60 minute blissful treatment $95.00
2 x 60 minute blissful treatments: Save $20 $170.00
3 x 60 minute blissful treatments: Save $35 $250.00
Pre-purchase a session(s). Phone to set up an appointment 613-824-9189.

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