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Nutritional Consultation with Meherbani Kaur

Nutritional Consultation with Meherbani Kaur

As humans, we are a complex organism of integrated systems that respond and react to everything, such as thoughts, emotions, food, trauma, and a host of other elements from our internal and external environments.
To support you in maintaining your health through these ebbs and flows of life, Meherbani Kaur offers a thorough evaluation of your current health and nutritional status. Based on symptomology, predisposition, lifestyle habits and personal history, a person-centered prevention/ healing support plan is developed with you to successfully reach your health goals.

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Workshop Title Workshop Cost (in CND)
Initial appointment ranges from 90 min. to 2 hours $120.00
Follow-up appointments: 30 minutes $75.00
Consultations available at Adi Shakti Yoga Centre in Orléans, Ontario, Candada: Home of Kundalini Yoga. Meherbani speaks French, English and Spanish.
ROHP/IONC receipts available for health insurance purposes.

By appointment only.
To make an appointment call 613 824-9189

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