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Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea

Try this delicious tea as a healthful and appetizing substitute to coffee. Quadruple (or more) the recipe and keep the tea (without the milk) in the refrigerator. You can also froth the milk and make yogi cappuccinos (yogiccinos!) Be more generous with the spices if you like a flavourful brew. Makes 1 serving.

10 oz water

3 cloves (for nervous system)

4 pods of cardamom (crack them open to release the seeds) (for digestion, colon)

4 whole peppercorns (or ground if you like) (to purify the blood)

1⁄2 stick cinnamon (for bones)

1-2 slices fresh ginger root (for nervous system, colds, digestion, weakness of body)

1/4 teaspoon black tea (binds all spices)

1⁄2 cup milk (cow, goat, soy, rice, etc...)

Boil spices for 15-20 minutes. Add the black tea but remove tea bag/ball after 2 minutes. Refrigerate brew for later OR add the milk and heat but do not boil again. Remove the spices and serve with honey (honey helps the body absorb calcium from the milk) and milk. However, if you have used a lot of cinnamon, it will taste naturally sweet. You can re-use the spices to make a second batch, but add more cinnamon as it loses its flavour during the boiling process.

Yogi tea is said to detoxify the body and may help to release addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, drugs, sugar, etc.) Drink as many cups as you like in a day.

Sat Nam

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