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My beloved dog Bailey passed four days ago. She was at home surrounded by those, both two legged and four legged, who loved her deeply. At the exact... exact... instant of her last breath, Snatam Kaur began chanting Ra Ma Da Sa. I had the Spa channel olaying softly on satellite radio. It filled the room with serenity. Bailey passed, as my son said, with a smile on her face. That after much recent suffering and rapid decline. My grief is tempered by gratitude. For the strength of my faith and spirituality. Ra Ma Da Sa was a true sign from our Divine Saviour.

- Cindy Kearns-O'Hara

The 2015 yoga retreat "connecting with animals" resonated with me. I was inspired by my yogi sisters and I will carry the memories of that weekend forever in my heart. I truly feel transformed, happy and at peace. Thank you Ram Das for giving me this very special gift. Joanne

- joanne

Re the 2013 Women's Yoga Retreat: Hi Ram Das, Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement to continue. I now am in the habit of meditating for 11 minutes every morning and hope to add on 20 minutes of yoga warmups. Already I feel better... You continue to be an inspiration to all of us and you also have chosen well your assistants that we love dearly also. Love, D.

- D. J.

Women's Yoga Retreat, July 2012: dear Ram Das..... it was indeed my pleasure to part of the yoga retreat this year .. you provide so much guidance and spiritual uplifting that it is very hard to even thank you for the wonderful 4 days... i appreciate all the planning and hard work that you put into this time and i also appreciate Magda's efforts so much also .. you both teach by example ........... not to worry the chants they are in on our brains for a long time to come and we have left with renewed energy and lots of light in our light houses.. i continue to welcome kundilini in my life .....and my body and spirit thanks you so much for providing a lovely space and guidance as move forward... ( my doctor gave me a clean bill of health this past Tuesday so i feel i am on the right path to continued good heal with this kind of yoga in my life ) love dulce

- Dulce

Reiki Level 2; April 2012; Hi Ram Das: I wanted to thank you so much for being such a wonderful spiritual leader and mentor. I feel so uplifted after being attuned to Reiki II and receiving the sacred symbols this weekend. I will use them with great caution and loving care. You are always so full of wonderful knowledge that you share so willingly.I feel very blessed to be able to learn from you. Sat Nam

- Lynn D.

Je me suis jointe aux classes du centre Adi Shakti Yoga il y a 6 mois. Je dois avouer que j'étais un peu réticente à l'idée: c'était ma première aventure dans ce domaine et j'ai 80 ans. Au début je pouvais à peine m'asseoir quelques secondes en yogi (jambes croisées). Maintenant ce n'est plus un problème. Les exercices ont assoupli mon corps et m'ont donné beaucoup de confiance en moi-même. Ils me procurent une détente tant physique que mentale. Le Yoga m'a également appris à être plus consciente de la planète Terre. Bref le yoga est une thérapie bienfaisante tant physique que mentale et il est accessible à tous, même pour une aînée de 80 ans. Je peux chanter avec Edith Piaf: Non rien de rien, je ne regrette rien!

- Annette Côté, 80 yrs old

At the Adi Shakti center, I have found the peace that I had been searching for a long time. The teachers are extremely devoted to their teachings, and genuinely care about us. I have grown day by day, and feel extremely blessed and lucky to enjoy the knowledge of such wonderful teachers. The women retreats have been amazing and each time I attend, I feel I'm resonating at a higher energy, which is a remarkable experience. The location, the food, the devotion, the care to all the details are some of the things what I love most about it. Thanks to RamDas ji for taking care of us. God bless....

- S.B.

The Galilee Centre is a wonderful place to spend a week end with nature and spiritual life. I loved all the stories about... Yogi Bhajan and as always your wonderful tips on body and soul nourishment. Navjit, Nam Simran Magda, Siri Bhandu and Sonia Ji made a wonderful team and brought their ideas and expertise to the camp. Thank you for your love, kindness, time and thought you spent creating a powerful Women’s Retreat.

- L. G.

2011: All of it was wonderful. The love and support of all the women. Each teacher was gifted and excellent: Nia dance, Mendhi, Malas, all Japji, all kriyas, relationship workshop - it was all timely and appropriate. The venue was fantastic. I appreciated the Baba Siri Chand mantras; the importance of maintaining Sadhana, staying connected with the divine. Satisfied beyond satisfaction. This was an extremely uplifting and healing retreat. I feel transformed. I know that I have been. The wonderful energy of the mantras and kriyas will continue to support me for a long time. Thank you Ram Das for your dedication and love.

- V. Sevadar Kaur

2011:(I most enjoyed...) Mornings - 5-7 a.m. was wonderful to chant, meditate and practice, especially outside. Also LOVED the variety of sessions. (I appreciated...) the importance of morning practice - it really helped me feel ready for the day ahead. 100% satisfied! Galilee Centre is a jewel! Thank you for a lovely, insightful and restful experience.

- Dale S.-C.

2011: (I enjoyed most...) the 4 teachers! All of you represent the 4 directions of the medicine wheel. So your synchronicity just powered the group... I love you all! I really enjoyed the pace, the rhythm. Charity, grace & play!! Awesome! Love the playtime: malas, mendhi, dancing, etc. I get in touch with my creative part and discover new me's!!

- Sharon S.

2011:(I most enjoyed...) the meditations & yoga practice. 10 out of 10! Thank you so much! I sooo loved this weekend and am sooo grateful!

- Donna H.

2011: It was all wonderful. It was so beautiful to be with such an incredible group of women. Very, very satisfied!! Thank you so much Ram Das for nurturing us so well. What a service you provide for woman. Sat Nam.

- Mary K.

2011: All of it was a 10! This weekend was nicely paced. I am so blessed to be part of this group. On a scale of 1-10...100! Thanks so much Ram Das - you are a true inspiration as were all the teachers at this retreat. (I enjoyed...) the caring, the respect, the flow, the openness, the budding relationships, the female energy... Nurturing on all levels: physical, emotional & spiritual. Inspiring & nourishing! (I enjoyed...) the love & positive attitude.

- Various Participants

2011: (I enjoyed)...Everything! Seriously, everything! Overwhelmed! It is the best experience of my life!

- Carole P.

About Divine Woman Workshop: (I liked) the nutrition info and the casual way in which the work shop was facilitated. As always the meditation and gong was healing... Well, I have purchased some of the products (proposed), so it was nice to get the brand names and the info on where they are available. Also, worthwhile knowing what foods are specific to women's health. The little recipe tips are great to have too... I enjoyed the workshop very much and would recommend this to anyone interested in this type of nutritional info.

- Geri H.

About Divine Woman: Feel Great Workshop of May 2011: I enjoyed the Divine Woman workshop so much and feel that I derived immediate and longer term benefits. Right away, I felt more energized and balanced. Can you believe that I took my temperature the next morning and it was almost 'normal' (for basal body testing - low thyroid)? I have never seen my temp so close to normal before, even though my thyroid blood tests tell the Dr. that everything is 'just fine'. I really liked the structure of the course, the way you had a layer of yoga, then information, then meditation, more information, chanting, etc. It was very comfortable. And the gong was so sublime. And for longer term, you have given us a wealth of information in the booklet, something I can delve into as my time permits and I look forward to trying many of the ideas... I am so thrilled to have found your studio and to be with other like minded people, especially when living in the suburbs, that can seem harder to find.

- Donna H.

I have been here before and enjoyed the peacefulness it brought to me ( I listening to myself here), however, I do have a gym membership that has yoga but there is external noise heard and the energies are not quite the same as what I have experienced w Lise (at the Adi Shakti studio), it is magical.

- Carolyn

In the short time I have been practicing Kundalini yoga at the Adi Shakti Center, I feel physically better and mentally calmer. Each class is a unique and fun experience. I love that I learn something new and valuable every time I attend. Your enthusiasm and love for yoga is apparent and we all feel it. Sat Nam, Linda Hunt, 2011

- Linda Hunt

Power of 7 Workshop of March 2011. Sat Nam Lise Ram Das, Thanks for holding a wonderful informative workshop. The best thing I enjoyed about the workshop was that it was done very creatively with the tasting of fruits and smelling of oils, and how you combined it with the knowledge of yoga exercises and meditation. The handouts were helpful too, for future reference. I would not suggest changing anything.

- S.B.

Power of 7 Workshop in March 2011: Excellent atelier: beaucoup de créativité aliant les exercices de yoga et méditations aux couleurs, fruits et huiles; bel équilibre entre expérience des sens et littérature/références pour approfondir les apprentissages. Merci beaucoup de ta générosité et de ton partage.

- P.P.

Power of 7 in March 2011: Lise, I wanted to thank you again for taking the extra time with me last night and as well to tell you again how much I enjoyed the workshop last Saturday. There are so many things that I really loved about the workshop but the one thing that I enjoyed the most was the flow of the day. All the information we received was presented so well and the time for each segment respected. I never felt rushed and my interest and curiosity were always heightened by the information that we were receiving. Each segment had been explained so wonderfully that as a beginner, I felt so relaxed and encouraged... I truly loved the information that had been presented to us and the way in which it was delivered. You give so much of yourself with such ease and love, I truly believe that makes all the difference in the way I felt about the afternoon. Thank you again Lise

- Lynn DuBroy

Power of 7: Le tout était préparé avec un grand soin et perfectionnalisme. Je te remercie pour le bel après-midi et je recommanderai l`atelier. C`est très instructif.

- Suzanne Coté

About Divine Sex Workshop of February 2011: I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the instructor's easy nature. It was great! I will be reading more and eating differently! Janet T., participant Feb. 2011 The entire workshop was well-organized: talk, exercise, questions, food. I will do a meditation (Venus Kriya) with my partner! Silvija, English teacher, participant Feb. 2011 I appreciated a different more spiritual understanding of sex away from the shallow orgasm-oriented North America. K.B., participant Feb. 2011 It will be fun to share this with my husband! Participant, Feb. 2011

- Various

I want to thank you for sharing the Mantra for Lost Items at the Womens Camp! I used it to locate a book that I could not remember where I kept and found it moments later. A dear friend got her personal items stolen from her gym locker last week and was in distress as she reported the theft. She had to change locks, cards, etc. I offered to share the mantra for lost items. She accepted. Today she sent an email saying that all her stolen items were located in another gym locker. The cash was gone and ipod accessories but everything else was found intact. She was amazed at the power of the mantra. I also gave her the Mantra for Protection which she said she felt lighter saying it. Wahe Guru for this amazing Science (of Kundalini Yoga as originally taught by Yogi Bhajan).

- Patricia Kaur Koine

I started taking kundalini yoga about 4 years ago, and it has created such a positive impact on my journey in life. The regular meditation created powerful life force energy....I slowly got rid of my fears, became calmer and more aware of my inner being. The exercises and meditation helped me discover my true purpose in life... thank-you so much...God bless Sonia

- Sonia

Dimanche dernier (18 avril 2010), j'ai assisté à la soirée de gong offerte au Centre Adi Shakti Yoga. J'avais subi une chirurgie pour une hernie 10 jours plus tôt et puisque je ne peux pas faire de yoga pour un autre 5 semaines, j'ai pensé qu'une soirée de gong serait relaxant. Dès le début de la session, j'étais surprise de constater que les vibrations étaient entièrement concentrées sur la blessure. Ceci a tenu presque toute l'heure de la session et s'est estompé juste un peu vers la fin. Autant j'ai été impressionnée de la réaction du Gong sur ma blessure, autant j'ai été surprise le lendemain de ne plus ressentir aucun mal. C'est comme si la blessure était complètement guérie. J'ai été capable de reprendre mes activités sans prendre aucun médicament contre le mal. Pour moi, c'est un autre bienfait puissant du gong sur notre corps.

- Evelyne Beaudry, Orléans, Ontario

Every teacher had an important thing to share: laughter, wisdom, celebration of wisdom."

- Bonney Elliott, nurse practicioner/counsellor, Ottawa

Absolutely loved it! I'll be back next year!

- LM Andrews, yoga teacher in training, Ottawa

Testimonials from previous classes of Divine Sex
-Incredibly interesting! Loved the Venus Kriyas!
- I absolutely loved this workshop!
- Toute la cadence, séquence des exercices étaient bien orchestrées. J'ai bien apprié cet atelier!
- J'ai bien aimé la simplicité, la chaleur de l'endroit, et l'échange entre femmes.
- I enjoyed all of it: info-tips, meditations, food, etc.
- I appreciated the educational pieces, the meditations (solo & with partner), the food, the sharing
- Loved the variety of discussion, information, exercises, handouts.
- I felt that I learned a lot in a very fun, relaxed way - thank you!
- I enjoyed the whole workshop - don't change a thing!
- I liked the combination of verbal presentation plus the many physical exercises and meditations.
- Enjoyed the light-heartedness & loved the handouts.
- Loved the Foods for Women & the Heart-Opening meditation
- I enjoyed the food & the openness of all participants
- I found it refreshing! Nice to know people are concerned about the Eastern view of sex!
- Un gros merci!!
- I did not know there werer 14 types of sex!
- I enjoyed the whole workshop!
- Enjoyed learning how meditation for couples can heighten your relationship.
- I learned that it's important to take time to explore, and set aside time for great sex!
- This was confirmation that I am in touch with my spiritual sexuality.
- I learned that sex is indeed sacred!
- Learning to see the divine in my partner!

- Students of previous Divine Sex workshop

I enjoyed listening to what was in others' hearts.

- Dhanwant Blodgett, yoga teacher, Ottawa

J'en ressors très enrichie! Je te remercie profondément pour cette si belle fin de semaine super bien organisée et planifiée. Merci pour cette expérience magique!

- Suzanne Côté, retired school principal, Ottawa

Loved it! Great food and great location! (Loved) the bonding of all the women."
Totally 100% satisfied!

- Jessica Wolke, youth counsellor, social worker, USA

Very satisfied! This retreat exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

- N. Sharma, recruiter, Toronto

Wonderful relationship-building."

Things participants loved about our 2009 Women's Yoga Camp:
"...the food, the location, the timing, the laughter, perfect number of people and range of ages."
"...meeting new people and bonding closely together."
"...morning Sadhana with the rising of the sun!"
"Getting to know wonderful women with powerful souls!"
"...classes that helped challenge myself, alone time to reflect and clarify my vision/intuition, collective vibration from being with other women. I am so grateful for this opportunity!"
"...creative yoga with crafts!

- Various participants

Sat nam - The power of a Mantra was shown to me at the Dentist's office. Getting a root canal done, I decided I had nothing to lose so I thought to chant in my head the Mantra for protection: Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siree Guru Dayvay Nameh. Three hours later at the end of my root canal, my dentist said that there was no bleeding! Myself I went to work and experienced no pain as the freezing left. Mantras - I believe in the power of them.

- Sat nam, Joseph Ronco, Massage Therapist, Kirtan musician with Bhakti Connection

Les vertus du Yoga Kundalini sont innombrables, que ce soit pour nous défaire de nos dépendances, jusqu'à nous maintenir en bonne forme. Le Yoga Kundalini m'apporte un bel équilibre entre mon monde extérieur et mon monde intérieur. La technologie du Kundalini est un outil par excellence pour nous aider à gérer notre stress et à affronter nos problèmes et tempêtes au quotidien, que ce soit dans notre vie professionnelle ou personelle. Je trouve le Kundalini tout à fait fascinant, bienfaisant et inspirant. Il va checher/trouver tout ce qu'il y a de meilleur en nous. J'ai appris à avoir une certaine discipline et détermination et il m'apporte un bien-être physique et spirituel en meme temps. Merci Lise pour ta passion pour le Kundalini que tu partages si généreusement avec nous.

- Magda Nached Professional Development Manager, IBM Ottawa

Le camp de femmes organisé par Ram Das Kaur/Lise Latulippe est un événement de yoga unique sur la côte est du Canada. Y ayant participé à 2 reprises, je peux témoigner de la très haute qualité de cette fin de semaine. L'immersion dans un groupe de yoginis hautement motivées est l'occasion d'apprendre, d'échanger, d'avoir du plaisir, de créer de nouveaux liens et de s'encourager à continuer sur notre chemin d'approfondissement de notre nature profonde. Les ateliers y sont enrichissants, la nourriture végétarienne délicieuse, l'environnement exceptionnel... sans oublier l'organisation de Lise Ram Das K qui mérite un A+. Merci et bravo pour cette initiative!

- Sophie Terrasse Shabd Simran Kaur

It has changed my life drastically. My mind is much more focused, calm and stress-free. I have lost 75 pounds since starting. Losing weight is not a physical issue. It starts with concentrated, mental and psychological concentration. One needs to open up to reality, concentrate everyday on the positive, share with others and most importantly, love and accept oneself before giving time to others. Kundalini Yoga has given me a new lease of life. I feel so much more gracious, so much more inner beauty.

- Dianne Lacelle, Cornwall, 1 year of KY practice

More centred, peace of mind, stronger physically.

- Sakie Kodama, Cornwall, 2 years of KY practice

I feel much more relaxed. I do Kundalini Yoga whenever I feel stressed out or overworked. It has helped me become more focused and more flexible.

- Claudette Denis, Cornwall, 1 year of KY practice

It has very much changed my life. I feel healthy, mentally and physically. It has made me more aware of myself and others.

- Ghislaine, Cornwall, 2.5 years of KY practice

Stress relief, new outlook on life in a positive way, more confidence in myself, more flexible in my joints. All in all, a better state of mind, body and soul.

- Connie Boileau, Cornwall, 2.5 years of KY practice

I have discovered myself... I was able to find balance of mind, body and spirit. I have connected with myself spiritually. It has changed my relationship with life. Thank you for a wonderful and moving experience.

- Jennifer Desnoyers, Cornwall, 2 months of KY practice

Kundalini has given me the time to focus on myself for 90 min. a week. My stress levels are more controlled, my breathing has improved. I now do Kundalini every day.

- Michelle Contant, Cornwall, 80+ classes of KY practice

Yes, it has changed my life. I feel more balanced, more intuitive. I feel more at peace with myself. It has changed me and I feel like I am a better person. Things don't affect me the same way.

- Diane Caron, Cornwall, 2 years of KY practice

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